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High Performance Computing at USM

 Available documentation

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New to HPC at USM? Start with the FAQs.


Introduction to GNU/Linux, parallel programming, and MATLAB workshops coming up. Take a look at the current schedule.

For a list of publications, and the suggested content of a citation for the HPC infrastructure, see the publication page.


The HPC, fully operational on September 5, 2017, includes the following capabilities:


  • 1896 compute cores
  • 7168 CUDA cores
  • 4 High memory nodes (512 GB RAM per node)
  • 20 cores, and 6 GB RAM per core on normal compute nodes
  • Rapid temporary filesystem (LUSTRE) for application execution
  • Network attached storage for data archiving


(See Software page for detailed information)
  • Intel and GNU Fortran, C, and C++ compilers
  • Other software can be installed upon request

DataSpace digital archive

(See DataSpace for more information)
  • Archive for raw data, documents, theses & dissertations
  • Front-end for searching/processing data


Support for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation under the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program via Grant # ACI 1626217

How to Cite the HPC Infrastructure

Please reference USM HPC in any research report, journal or publication. The recognition of the resources you used to perform research is important for acquiring funding for the next generation hardware, support services, and our Research & Development activities in HPC, visualization, data storage, and grid infrastructure.

The suggested content of a citation is:

The authors acknowledge HPC at The University of Southern Mississippi
supported by the National Science Foundation under the Major Research
Instrumentation (MRI) program via Grant # ACI 1626217.

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